Onramp solution

Ramp up your business bridging digital assets with traditional finance

Empower your platform with our flexible, rapid, and secure integration on-ramp tools - crafted for your unique needs

Key benefits

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Powerful API access

Harness the full potential of our technology through a comprehensive REST API

  • Build and customize your own Onramp
  • Empowering you to innovate and scale
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Reach customization options

Tailor the widget to perfectly fit the look and feel of your platform, whether you're in gaming, Web3, or fintech. Our widget's flexible design adapts to your brand and technical needs.

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Global scalability

Ready to handle any volume of transactions with robust scalability options. Our platform grows with your business, ensuring reliability no matter the demand.

Integrated compliance tools

Streamline user onboarding with integrated KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYT (Know Your Transaction) features, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while maintaining user trust and safety.

  • Know Your Customer
  • Know Your Transaction

Identity Check

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Built-in fiat gateways

Offer your users a broad selection of fiat payment options, enhancing accessibility and convenience. This feature facilitates global reach by accommodating diverse payment methods.

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Inbuilt wallet functionality

Enhance user experience with sophisticated wallet capabilities directly within the app. This integration supports a seamless transaction flow, from storage to exchange.

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Try it for yourself

Integration as easy as one, two, three. Plus all the customization options you’ll need to make the KUNA Onramp widget your own.

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How it works?

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Choose your configuration

Start by selecting the ideal setup for your platform. Whether you need a full widget integration for a seamless user experience or prefer API access for custom development, our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

Customize the UX Interface

Tailor the appearance and functionality of the OnRamp widget to align with your brand identity. Adjust colors, fonts, and layout to ensure a consistent user experience that feels native to your site or app.

Integrate payment options

Connect a variety of fiat payment methods including credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. Our flexible integration options allow you to offer the convenience of multiple payment solutions to your users.

Implement compliance features

Easily integrate KYC and KYT protocols to comply with regulatory requirements. Our automated systems handle the verification processes efficiently, ensuring that user onboarding is both secure and swift.

Deploy and go live

Once setup is complete, deploy the widget or API on your platform. Go live with the confidence that our robust support team is there to help you every step of the way, from troubleshooting to optimization.

Monitor and monetize

Utilize our comprehensive analytics tools to track usage and performance. Make data-driven decisions to refine and optimize the Onramp experience for your users, ensuring continuous improvement.

    Use cases

    Financial services

    How it facilitates transactions for banks and financial institutions. Our solutions provide banks and financial institutions with the tools to offer and access innovative digital asset ecosystem


    Integration into gaming for in-game purchases and rewards. Our blockchain solutions foster a secure, transparent, and engaging user experience.

    E-commerce platforms

    Benefits for online retailers. Accept crypto payments at your e-commerce store and attract tech-savvy customers looking to use crypto to make purchases online.

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      Integration with your business

      Integrate KUNA Core into your business and empower your customers to perform a full range of cryptocurrency operations with clear and user-friendly logic

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