Wallet as a service

Start building your exciting story with our wallet as a service solution

Dive immediately into the crypto revolution with our all-in-one crypto wallet platform. Skip the years of development and the financial sinkhole - our rich, ready-to-deploy crypto platform.

From setup to success: our wallet explained

Initial setup

Begin your with selecting the setup that aligns with your business goals. Our intuitive dashboard guides you through the initial configuration, ensuring a smooth start.

Integrate and innovate

Connect wallet service with your infrastructure using our robust APIs. This integration allows for seamless data flow and transactions, enhancing your operational efficiency without disrupting your current ecosystem.

Launch your wallet

Deploy your customized wallet with just a few clicks. Our technical support team is on standby to ensure a successful launch, providing you with all the resources needed to make a smooth transition.

Scale and evolve

As your business grows, our Wallet as a service scales with you. Add features, expand your currency offerings, and increase your transaction capacity without any hassle.

Analyze and optimize

Utilize our comprehensive analytics tools to monitor wallet performance and user behavior. These insights will help you continually refine your offerings and enhance user satisfaction.

Tailor your experience

Customize the wallet’s design to mirror your brand’s aesthetic and functional requirements. Adjust personalized user interface that feels right at home on your platform.

A wide range of possibilities

From initial setup to ongoing management and scaling

Reach API

Powerful API access. Harness the full potential of our technology through a comprehensive REST API.

  • Empowering you to innovate and scale
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Customizable integration

Tailor the wallet's interface and functionalities to seamlessly align with your business model and aesthetic, ensuring a native user experience.

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Support for multiple currencies

Ready to handle any volume of transactions with robust scalability options. Our platform grows with your business, ensuring reliability no matter the demand.

Own liquidity

Maintain control over your financial operations with our own liquidity solutions, ensuring smooth transaction processing without external dependencies.

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Flexible fee rules engine

Smooth and flexible payment terms to satisfy all business needs. Maximize profitability and simplify financial operations with advanced fee-setting options.

Fixed or floating exchange rates

Offer your users the stability of fixed exchange rates or the flexibility of floating rates, enhancing their trading strategies and satisfaction with your platform.

Built-in Onramp capabilities

Expand your wallet’s functionality with integrated Onramp services, allowing users to easily convert fiat to crypto within the same environment, streamlining their experience and enhancing user retention.

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Use cases

Financial services

How it facilitates transactions for banks and financial institutions. Our solutions provide banks and financial institutions with the tools to offer and access innovative digital asset ecosystem


Integration into gaming for in-game purchases and rewards. Our blockchain solutions foster a secure, transparent, and engaging user experience.

E-commerce platforms

Benefits for online retailers. Accept crypto payments at your e-commerce store and attract tech-savvy customers looking to use crypto to make purchases online.

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    Integration with your business

    Integrate KUNA Core into your business and empower your customers to perform a full range of cryptocurrency operations with clear and user-friendly logic

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